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Wheelchair racer
26 July 2021
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We all need to eat well to keep ourselves healthy. In this video, I talk about how I make sure I’m eating well, alongside fellow athletes Will Bayley and Nile Wilson. We share some top tips and the things that works for us. Watch the video below or read on to find out more.

Key points from the video

Personal experiences

Hannah Cockroft

I don't follow a strict diet. I don't restrict myself on anything. I think that helps me because if you allow yourself a little bit of everything, everything in moderation, you're never craving anything. Just try and make sensible choices. The smallest little adjustments will make the biggest change.

Will Bayley

I try and be as healthy as possible because of what I've overcome in my life. I’m always looking into ways that I can improve my nutrition. I take tips from other athletes and what they do, and try and learn from that.

Nile Wilson

I spent the rest of my teens into my twenties trying to figure out my nutrition and what was best for me. I started to listen to my body. I'd eat when I was hungry, I'd stop when I was full. I try and be really in tune with that.

Athletes’ tips for eating well

Listen to your body

Pay attention to when you’re hungry and the kind of foods you want to eat. Try to be mindful as you enjoy your food so that you notice when you’re full.

Think ahead

Try preparing some of your meals in advance so that you have healthy options available. Some people find it helpful to cook extra portions at the weekend, so they can easily grab a nutritious meal when life gets busy.

Form new habits

Try to include some healthy habits into your daily routine. For example, try keeping a refillable water bottle near you to prompt you to drink enough. Making small changes like this can help you to reach your health goals in an achievable way.

A little bit of what you fancy

Don’t make any food off-limits. A healthy diet includes all foods in moderation. You might even find that banning foods from your diet makes you crave them more. Try to make sure that you eat nutritious foods most of the time but acknowledge that we all get cravings now and then. There’s no need to deny yourself the occasional bag of crisps or slice of cake!

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profile picture of Hannah Cockroft
Hannah Cockroft MBE, DL
Wheelchair racer

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