What is business health insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance policy covering the costs of private healthcare for your employees. It can also be called private medical insurance.

For many small businesses, health insurance provides a way of investing in their biggest asset, people.

With small business health insurance, you can create a healthier, more productive team, which is essential for your company's growth. Other benefits include:

How does health insurance help my business grow?

How does private health insurance benefit my employees?

With our national network of health centres and wealth of resources, your people can get back to feeling and performing their best, quickly

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Workplace Health and Wellbeing Academy for Small Businesses

Get exclusive insights and practical tools to help you understand how to look after your team s health and wellbeing. From bitesize videos to Academy sessions, our modular programmes are designed to be interactive, so you can spend quality time with our experts.

Wellbeing workplace hub

Our resources provide you with tailored business support. From learning how to introduce small changes, to creating a robust workplace wellbeing plan. We can help you create a positive working environment that reduces stress and improves productivity.

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