Child and family

Information on how to book an appointment for your child, partner and other family members.

How does my family/dependants get an appointment?

If your family member is 16 or older, and is a named member on your policy, they will need to download and sign into the app with their own details to book a digital appointment.

Appointments booked for main members, main beneficiaries or dependents under the age of 16 must be booked as a video consultation, and both the child and their responsible adult should be present at the time of the consultation. Bupa Blua Health has some age-specific features, including some not being suitable for use by children under 16, but we will let you know about this when using the app.

Can I book an appointment for my child under my name?

No. You need to book appointments for your child under their name so that the GP can write their notes on the correct account. To add them to Bupa Blua Health, please contact our support team.

Why can’t I have a phone consultation for my child?

For safe-guarding reasons all appointments made for children need to be video. Appointments for children will need to be rescheduled if booked as a phone call.

Can my spouse/partner and I book an appointment for our child?

Two people cannot have the same child on their account at the same time. Your child will only appear on the main member's account.

Who needs to be present during my child's appointment?

If an appointment is booked for a child under 16, they need to be present during the consultation. The parent/guardian whose account was used to book the appointment also needs to be present. If you are making an appointment for your child, you must book it under their name and choose a video consultation, rather than a phone call.

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