Preparing for your appointment

Everything you need to know about reminders, check-ins and clinician calls.

How will the appointment start?

The clinician will call you to start your consultation. Please allow a few minutes for them to call. You don't need to be in the app to receive the call.

If you haven't received a call after a few minutes, read what to do if my clinician is late.

Video appointments

You’ll get an incoming video call from the clinician. Your device will need to be unlocked to view the video and for the clinician to see you.

If you have a bad video connection, the clinician will try calling your registered phone number.

Find your registered phone number

View or change your registered phone number in the Bupa Blua Health app:

1. Open Bupa Blua Health.
2. Tap Me icon on the Home screen.
3. Select Account details.
4. Your registered number is listed next to Phone.
5. Tap Edit to change your registered number.

Phone appointments

You’ll get a phone call from an 0330 phone number. You can add Bupa to your contacts when you book an appointment so 'Bupa' appears as the caller ID.

Appointment reminders

We would recommend you have notifications switched on to receive appointment reminders and other useful information. We'll send you an appointment reminder 1 hour before your appointment is due to start.

Turning your notifications on

1. Go to your phone’s settings.
2. Go to Notifications then Bupa Blua Health.
3. Make sure notifications are turned on.

Before your appointment

Check you have:

  • Good reception (if it’s a phone appointment).
  • Good Wi-Fi or 4G/5G mobile internet (if it’s a video appointment).

The clinician will call you to start the appointment. Please allow a few minutes for them to call. If you have a bad video connection, they’ll try to phone you instead.

Where to take the call

Go somewhere quiet where you feel comfortable discussing your health. This could be at home or work, just as long as you won’t be disturbed.

Try to avoid:

  • Being in a public place.
  • Being on a bus or train.
  • Doing other things during the call.

The clinician might ask you to move if there's a lot of background noise so you may want to keep headphones handy. They will end the call if they think it’s unsafe or inappropriate to continue, for example if you take the call while driving.

What to talk about

Make a note of the main points you want to discuss and any relevant details, for example:

  • How long you’ve felt like this.
  • What makes you feel better or worse.
  • Any medication you take.

Don’t worry about taking notes, your clinician will write-up a summary that you can view after the appointment.

Checking in to your appointment

About check-ins

We’ve introduced ‘check-ins’ for some appointments. Check-ins let the clinician know that you’re ready for your appointment. This means you have:

A good internet connection (Wi-Fi or 4G/5G).

Somewhere you’re comfortable talking about your health.

How check-ins work

You’ll get a notification asking you to check in 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.

To check in, you’ll need to:

1. Tap on the message or the appointment details
2. Enter your date of birth and location.
3. Confirm you’re ready.

It’s important we know where you are so we can provide you with a safe service and get you any urgent help where necessary. Read more on where you can use the service.

If it’s an appointment for your child, you will need to enter your date of birth, not your child’s date of birth. Your clinician will call after you check in. It might take a few minutes for your clinician to call.

Remember to turn notifications on to get check-in reminders:

1. Go to your phone settings.
2. Choose Notifications.
3. Select Bupa Blua Health.
4. Turn notifications on.

Problems checking in

Make sure your date of birth is correct in the app.

1. Open Bupa Blua Health
2. Tap the Me icon on the Home screen
3. Select Account details

If your date of birth is wrong, you will need to contact our support team, who will update your details, before you can proceed with your appointment.

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