profile picture of Georgia Puckett

Georgia Puckett (She/her)

Specialist Dietitian, Cromwell Hospital

Georgia joined the Dietetic Team at Cromwell Hospital in October 2022, where she mainly covers medical and surgical inpatient wards.

Georgia graduated from University of Surrey in 2019 with a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics and started her career as a Rotational Dietitian in Frimley Health Trust. She then moved to a role specialising in High Dependency Cardiac and Respiratory care and also covered Intensive Care during the COVID pandemic. In March 2021, Georgia then moved to a role as a Senior Oncology Specialist Dietitian at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, where she specialised mainly in the care of patients with Head and Neck and Upper GI cancers.

Georgia's hobbies include skiing, running, baking and travelling to experience new foods and cultures. In her spare time, she also enjoy walks with her 2 year old Beagle Otis.

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