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Jody Phillips

MSK Physiotherapist/ Chronic Pain Specialist at Bupa

Jody works as the musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in the Edinburgh Bupa Health clinic. Prior to this she worked as both a specialist chronic pain Physiotherapist in the NHS Pain Team and as a specialist Physiotherapist in the NHS Regional Eating Disorder Unit (anorexia/ bulimia nervosa). She has had her own private practice since 2012, which includes teaching Pilates.

Jody's qualifications include a BSc Physiotherapy and an MSc Pain Science and Management. She also has a BSc in Zoology. Jody lectures on ‘Eating Disorders in Sport’ at the University of Edinburgh and has had posters published at conferences on this topic.

In her spare time, Jody can be found walking her dogs in the Pentland Hills, sitting on a bike or dabbling with flavours in the kitchen.

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