Lucie O’Shaughnessy

Physiotherapist at Bupa UK

Lucie qualified with an honours degree in physiotherapy from the University of East London in 2009. Her early career within the NHS included leading specialist hospitals The National hospital for neurology and neurosurgery at the heart hospital treating a range of acute chronic and post operative conditions. She then moved in to private practice treating a full range of musculoskeletal conditions incorporating physical therapy, acupuncture and pilates based rehabilitation in to her practice. She teaches Pilates at all levels as part of an integrated pathway to progress results. Lucie's passion for beautiful and flawless movement began at an early age through her training as a competitive gymnast and swimmer.

Following a number of injuries she was swiftly introduced to pilates and movement based rehabilitation, focusing on core strength and stability to help her with her hypermobility and prevent injuries during sport. Lucie has undertaken a wide range of training and qualifications in the field of pilates including the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates institute (APPI). Lucie's specialist interests include spinal rehabilitation, hypermobility, manual therapy, Pilates based rehabilitation and fitness. She is also a member of the acupuncture association of chartered physiotherapists and employs these skills as part of an integrated approach to treat pain. In her leisure time Lucie is an advanced yoga and Pilates practitioner and on weekends you may see her around town on her bicycle.