Niamh Hennessy

Niamh Hennessy

Lead Dietitian, Cromwell Hospital

Niamh is currently the Lead Dietitian at the Cromwell Hospital.

She qualified in 2008 from Coventry University and has ten years of clinical and management experience within the NHS & over 4 years in private health care.

She is the current Sponsorship Officer for the Critical Care Group of the British Dietetic Association, which regularly attracts renowned experts in the field of Critical Care Nutrition.

Niamh is passionate about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the need for both high-quality primary and secondary care in preventing rather than simply treating illness. In her current role, she ensures dietetic consultations not only focus on treating patients’ current concerns, but also addresses the long-term importance of tailored nutrition and lifestyle advice.

She is a sports enthusiast and regularly referees rugby matches across London.


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