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Dr Stephen Thompson and Dr Sarah Griffiths

Dr Stephen Thompson is Sport & Exercise Medicine Consultant, and Dr Sarah Griffiths is Lead Behavioural Insights Advisor, BGUK

Dr Stephen Thompson, Sports & Exercise Medicine (consultant)

Stephen is a Sport, Exercise and Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultant. He enjoys treating musculoskeletal and sport-related injuries in both children and adults. He has a keen interest in injuries related to sports, including acute, overuse and chronic injuries. These often involve the soft tissues (i.e. muscles and tendons), bones and joints. He is also passionate about treating those with musculoskeletal problems in the general population, including osteoarthritis.

Dr Sarah Griffiths, Lead Behavioural Insights Advisor, Bupa UK

Sarah is Lead Behavioural Insights Advisor at Bupa UK. She is a behavioural scientist with a PhD and an MSc in Health Psychology.

Prior to joining Bupa, Sarah worked as an academic research fellow and a consultant researcher for a health technology company. She also spent some time working in the NHS as a Stop Smoking Advisor. Projects Sarah has worked on include using behavioural science to deliver digital support for people with a gastric balloon for weight loss and increasing pregnant women’s engagement with stop smoking services. Sarah is passionate about using behavioural insights to design and deliver interventions to help improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys walking and swimming, and has recently taken up sewing to learn a new skill.

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