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Physiotherapy is a type of physical treatment that aims to help restore movement and improve the way your joints and muscles work. It’s often recommended to improve flexibility, strength and movement following an injury or illness, or if you have a long-term health condition or disability that affects your mobility. Physiotherapy tends to be a combination of ‘hands on’ care, exercises and education.

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It’s now easier than ever to book a physiotherapy appointment online at one of our health centres.

Simply choose your appointment type and time, enter your details and confirm your booking in four easy steps. Your initial consultation will last around 45 minutes so we can assess your needs and agree the next steps in your treatment plan.

You don’t need to have health insurance to book one of our physiotherapy appointments.

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Physiotherapy at our health centres

Our physiotherapists can help reduce physical discomfort and help improve movement using a number of types of physiotherapy treatments, these range from:

  • joint mobilisation
  • manual therapy
  • massage
  • acupuncture

Not only that, but a number of our health centres now offer shockwave therapy for the treatment of chronic pain. If you are suffering from a tendon or soft tissue condition which hasn't responded to traditional therapies , this non-invasive process uses high-intensity sound waves to stimulate regeneration in the affected tissue, restoring mobility and relieving pain.

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Private physiotherapy prices

The prices for private physiotherapy in our health centres varies depending on the type of consultation you require.

Service Greater London Outside Greater London
Initial consultation £85.00 £51.00
Follow-up consultation £62.00 £42.00

Here's a selection of questions and answers that we've already helped our customers with.

No. You can simply pay for your own physiotherapy treatment, and in some cases we can provide treatment for people covered by other health insurance providers. It’s important that you check first to make sure the proposed treatment is eligible with your own provider under their policy terms.

Our musculoskeletal physiotherapy team is made up of some of the most experienced specialists in the UK, including those who work for Great Britain’s Olympic and UK Athletics teams and a number of professional sports disciplines including rugby, football and cricket. This means that all our specialists (and customers) benefit from the knowledge, experience and guidance of this expertise.

All Bupa physiotherapists are musculoskeletal specialists with a minimum of five years’ experience, many with postgraduate specialist qualifications and experience in occupational health, manipulation, biomechanics and sports injuries.

You may be worried that your physiotherapy treatment will hurt and cause more pain than you already have. We are very aware of the importance of limiting any pain or discomfort that you are experiencing. You may experience some treatment soreness, but this is usually short-term and settles. If discomfort is excessive your treatment will be altered accordingly.

We’re always pleased to hear about aspects of our service that you have particularly appreciated. We also want to hear about any problems you have experienced so that we can deal with them and improve our service for the future.

If you have a complaint about any aspect of our physio service, we would like to address this straightaway. If possible, please speak to a member of staff at the centre. All centres have a complaints handler who has had specific training. Or you may prefer to talk to the centre manager.

If we can’t resolve your concerns there and then, you may wish to make a complaint by telephone or in writing. Please call or write to the centre manager. Our centre addresses can be found using our Finder tool.

We’ll aim to give you a written acknowledgement of your complaint within one working day of receipt. A full response will be made within 20 working days. All complaints are dealt with confidentially and impartially.

If required, your complaint will be referred to the regional manager and may be escalated to the managing director.

We keep a record of every complaint and look at how many we receive and the reasons why. We use this information along with our customer surveys to help make sure we continually improve the service we provide.

Making a complaint doesn’t affect your legal rights.

Yes, chartered physiotherapists with the appropriate postgraduate training are qualified to manipulate.

There is no pre-determined number of treatments for a specific condition. Following your initial consultation, your clinician will discuss and agree a treatment plan with you. This may include advice about the approximate number of treatments you need. However, it’s important to bear in mind that each person responds to treatment differently.

Please let us know of any disability at the time of booking so that special arrangements and/or an extended appointment can be made for you. For customers with restricted mobility we’ll need to give additional instructions about parking or access to the building. Customers with other difficulties such as communication problems should, where possible, arrange for a friend, relative or other assistant to accompany them, for example, an interpreter or signer.

Bupa health centres providing musculoskeletal services do not have specialised equipment such as hoists.

The first time that you contact us, we’ll ask you to provide some personal details and open a confidential medical file for all of your records. All patient records are subject to the same strict rules of confidentiality that you would expect of any medical records. No information will be passed to any third party without your consent.

No, anyone can have an appointment. You may need to be referred if you are using your health insurance to fund the treatment, but if you’re paying personally, you can self-refer.

Most insurance companies will request a referral to one of our specialists, either from your GP or another doctor. Check with your health insurance provider that they’ll cover your treatment before booking with us. When you book your appointment with us, you’ll need to supply your health insurance details, unless you’re paying personally.

To make an appointment please call us on 0333 3315924^. If you have health insurance, please make sure you have your policy number and an authorisation code for treatment when making your appointment.

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If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please call us with at least one working day or 24 hours’ notice. If you cancel later than this you will incur a cost.

For physiotherapy, osteopathy and podiatry you will be charged 100% of the fee if you fail to attend or cancel with less than 24 hours notice.

For musculoskeletal physicians and orthopaedic surgeons you’ll be charged 100% of the fee if you fail to attend or cancel with less than 24 hours notice. If you cancel your appointment with 72 to 24 hours notice you will be charged 50%.

You may need to undress to your underwear so that your clinician can examine you. Alternatively, you may be asked to change into shorts and a t-shirt so you may wish to bring your own along with you.

If you’ve had any previous tests such as an X-ray or MRI scan, bring the results of these and any other letters that your doctor may have sent you. If you’re taking any medicines, bring these as well.

Your first appointment may last up to 45 minutes. Any follow-up sessions are usually about 30 minutes.

MSK initial appointments may last up to 40 minutes. Any follow-up sessions are usually about 20 minutes

If you’ve been referred by your GP, and you’re happy for us to do so, he or she will be sent a letter with an update on your progress. If you made the appointment without being referred and you would like us to notify your GP, we’ll be happy to do this.

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