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We’ve partnered with JAAQ (Just Ask A Question) to give you access to JAAQ at Work, an exclusive employee engagement platform.

As the world changes, so does the workplace. Mental health issues are the leading cause of absence at work, and employers are looking for ways to engage with and support their people with their health and wellbeing.

That’s why we’ve partnered with JAAQ to give you access to JAAQ at Work.

JAAQ At Work is a specialist engagement platform. It gives your employees access to video content, whenever they need it. They can get help and advice from world leading doctors, Bupa clinicians, wellbeing experts and celebrities.

JAAQ at Work also provides unique insight into what's affecting your people. This means you can adapt the way that your employees are being supported to manage their health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We’re working together to help you create a good workplace culture around health and wellbeing.

Just Ask A Question about JAAQ at Work


What is JAAQ At Work?

So essentially JAAQ At Work is an incredible mental

wellbeing platform

that gives your employees the right information

from experts at the click of a button.

So, very similar to how you are asking me this question,

this is the JAAQ technology

that really brings the right information to life.

Now we back that up by giving you anonymous data.

So it's a really psychologically safe space

for your employees to come

and ask what really matters to them.

So what you'll be able to see is you'll be able to see

how many questions have been asked, what's the top topics,

who is the top experts,

and how many questions per session have been asked.

So hopefully this will really reaffirm

or realign your strategy, the workshops

and the webinars that you're putting on.

We then back that up with the JAAQ events.

So that is monthly webinars, drop-in sessions and lunch

and learns, and then we're building a huge thriving JAAQ

community to bring like-minded people together.

Why is JAAQ At work different to other Mental wellbeing platforms?

That is a great question, and I think I'll start by saying

that the JAK technology really sets us apart.

It's something that we've taken incredible pride in

developing this innovative technology

to give your employees the right information from

experts at the click of a button.

Secondly, I guess it's that

we are a marketing creative agency as well,

so really we want to make noise.

We want to cut through

and we want to make sure that your employees know about us,

so we'll work with you to make sure

that we work out the comm strategy, make sure

that we are making as much noise as possible.

Thirdly, we want to be there to, I guess, compliment,

but also to enhance

what you're already investing in as a business.

So the EAP, the benefits that you might have,

we can link them to our topics on our conversation.

There is so much more

that sets us apart, so why not come and have a chat?

What does JAAQ At Work cost?

Really good question and I can't answer that

because I don't know the size of your business,

but we do have a simple price per employee per month

pricing offering.

So whether you are a small organisation

or whether you are a large organisation, we believe

that we've created something that is

financially viable for all.

We also have bespoke conversations

and we have the JAAQ takeover days, so can have a chat.

Who is JAAQ at Work for?

The great news is jacket work is genuinely for everyone.

So from an organisation perspective,

whether you are a small business

or whether you're a large business,

we certainly have a product that is suitable for you.

From a person perspective,

we've come up every single angle from a question,

from an employee manager, and a leader perspective.

So it really is the platform for everyone.

How is JAAQ at Work different to

Really good question.

So is a free to use mental wellbeing platform.

It's underpinned by psychologists, clinicians,

psychotherapists, doctors

and medical professionals giving you the right information

on mental health conditions and illnesses.

And then we film with everyday folk,

high profile celebrities on their own lived conditions.

With jacket work, it's very much workplace specific.

So we've built a platform utilising the same technology,

but bringing in workplace experts, covering mental health,

wellbeing, sustainability, ed

and I, leadership, yoga, parenting,

and many, many more topics.

Who are the JAAQ at Work experts?

So the jacket work experts are exactly that.

They are workplace experts, so we've partnered

with consultancies and organisations

and charities to bring you the right information.

We've partnered with the likes of Lexi,

who are the neurodiversity specialists, working

with the majority of the FC two 50.

We've partnered with RNIB

for visual impairment science solutions.

We filmed with an awful lot of people.

So your workplace experts are exactly that.

What' s included with JAAQ at Work?

The great news is you get a lot with jacket work,

so you get our conversational technology

that is bringing experts to your employees at the click

of a button, you get anonymized data sets

that give you the right information to realign

or reaffirm your workplace strategies.

You get events, monthly webinars, dropping sessions, lunch

and learns, and then we're building a JAAQ thriving

community where it's got employee resource groups bringing

like-minded people together.

But perhaps most importantly of all,

what we're doing is we're driving

and keeping that free for everyone forever.

What data do I get?

So you receive real time behavioural ed data

in a psychologically

and anonymous space for your employees to ask questions.

On that data set, you'll receive

what questions have been asked.

So a list of those top asked questions, who are the experts

that your employees are engaging with?

How many minutes per session are your

employees spending on the site?

And how many questions per session are they asking?

So just think about

how this could really shape your workplace strategies moving

forward with access to this data.

What topics does JAAQ at Work cover?

Very good question, and we cover an awful lot.

I think I'll start with saying that

what we did was we wanted to remove every element

of assumption when we started building jacket work.

So we got speaking to executives, to HR directors,

wellbeing directors, and tried to understand what topics

really meant, something in the workplace

that we needed to focus on.

So to give you some idea, we filmed on burnout.

We filmed on menopause leadership, inclusive recruitment,

LGBTQIA plus disability, race and ethnicity.

We've covered so many.

In fact, we filmed on over 50 topics from 45 workplace

experts, and I'm pleased to say that we're going

to be dropping at least two new conversations every single


Will JAAQ at Work replace our EAP or Employee benefits?

In short, no, we won't.

So we very much see ourselves as a preventative platform.

So that is giving your employees the right information from

experts at the click of a button.

So what we really actually want to do is we want

to drive usage to your EAP system by signpost them.

So we've worked with clients

where we've filmed on their menopause providers,

we've filmed on their other benefits providers, linking them

to our conversations.

So we don't want to replace your EAP system.

We really, really want to compliment it.

So preventative from JAAQ

and then if they need that further assistance, driving them

to your EAP or your other benefits providers.

How does JAAQ at Work protect employees privacy?

So jacket work really is a psychologically safe

and anonymous space for your

employees to come and ask the questions.

We don't capture any personal data on your employees,

but that doesn't mean to say that you don't receive a

comprehensive set of data.

It's just anonymized so you still receive it.

It can still really help shape

and align your workplace strategies moving forward.

But we really wanted to protect your employees

by having a single sign-on process.

How does JAAQ at Work drive employee engagement?

So this is one of the things that JAAQ At Work really do

pride ourselves on is how do we cut through

and drive that engagement to your employees to ensure

that we get usage on our platform.

And we do that through a number of different ways.

So we work with on a full comm strategy upon launch,

and then post-launch that we have an incredible marketing

and creative team that will really, really drive

the engagement, the usage, the fun.

We want to make mental wellbeing core.

And to do that, we need to make sure

that we're putting on takeover events, activation events,

really informative, educational and fund webinars,

but we also have JAAQ champions.

So we know that our impact within a business

comes in many different ways.

And JAAQ Champions are just one of those ways.

They are essentially advocates

of jacket work in your business,

really supporting your colleagues.

Can JAAQ at Work be customised?

Absolutely we want jacket work to look

and feel like your business.

So we will work with you

through the whole onboarding into Go live to make sure that

the branding, the logo,

and anything else that you need customised

looks and feels like you.

And then beyond that, we can film

with your benefits providers with your EAP provider

or get your senior leaders sat in this chair

sharing their stories.

So yeah, there's many elements of jacket work

that could be customised.

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How JAAQ at Work engages your employees

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