Gourmet Grandma cooks up a storm at Alveston Care Home

25 July 2022

Alveston Leys Bupa Care Home resident and foodie fanatic Jean Roberts has been showing off her cooking skills, hosting a series of online tutorials with the help of her carers.

85-year-old Jean has had a passion for food since her mother taught her to cook from a young age, back in the (insert decade). She passed on the tradition by teaching her children to cook alongside her.

Jean said: “I have always loved cooking. It brings me a lot of joy to turn fresh ingredients into a delicious meal or dessert. I like to think I passed on my cooking knowledge to my son, Andrew, as he is also a brilliant cook. So perhaps it runs in the family!”

Jean moved to Alveston Leys Bupa Care Home in August 2021 and her carers quickly discovered her love for food and cooking.

It wasn’t long before Jean naturally began helping her fellow residents, sharing her tips and tricks during group activities. Having inspired the activity coordinators, Phil and Ann, with her culinary skills, they set up a regular baking club for Jean to help run, which they now stream on Facebook. They decided to share her skills far and wide for friends, family and the Alveston community to enjoy.

Joanna Palmer, Jean’s daughter, commented on her first cooking tutorial, saying: “Move over Jamie, it’s ‘Jean Oliver’! It’s lovely to see you cooking. You always loved being in the kitchen.”

So far, Jean has made cinnamon and iced pecan rolls, strawberry covered pancakes, homemade burgers, and pizzas. She hopes to create more cooking tutorials soon and share her favourite recipes online. As Jean is particularly partial to Asian cuisine, she hopes to share some Singaporean dishes in her next video.

Phil Vickers, senior activity coordinator at Alveston Leys Bupa Care Home, said: “Jean has a real passion for cooking that shines through in any food-related activity we host. We always try to tailor our activities around every resident’s individuality, so we’re thrilled that Jean was keen to get stuck in and it has inspired her fellow residents to get involved in cooking. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Jean has to teach us and tasting more of her delicious food.”

For anyone wishing to follow Jean’s cooking series, you can watch all her videos on Alveston Leys Bupa Care Home’s Facebook page here:

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