Dr Meera Joshi

Dr Meera Joshi

Mindfulness expert for Bupa UK

Dr Joshi is a medical doctor from the University of Oxford, where she majored in neuroscience. She learnt mindfulness at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, a world-renowned centre of excellence in mindfulness research at the University of Oxford. Dr Joshi has since gone on to specialise in mindfulness, becoming a trained teacher and coach.

Dr Joshi uses her neuroscience expertise to teach mindfulness in a way that is practical and applicable to daily life. She works with students to encourage behaviour change, the formation of new habits and the sustenance of mindful awareness in all parts of their lives. Dr Joshi gives talks to raise public awareness of mindfulness and mental resilience, teaches group mindfulness courses and coaches on an individual basis. She follows the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness-Based Teachers.