Looking at recent searching habits, we predict the most popular health and wellbeing trends for 2023. Our experts discuss these trends.

Lucy Wizgell is the Health Adviser Senior Manager of Bupa Health Clinics.

Dr Luke Powles is the Associate Clinical Director at Bupa Health Clinics.

Bupa’s Wellbeing Index found that many Brits feel positive about their health. But they also acknowledge there’s still lots of room for improvement to help them live longer, healthier, happier lives:

Foods that lower cholesterol

A blood test can tell you whether you have high cholesterol. If your cholesterol is high, a health professional can help to recommend any adjustments that can help lower it naturally. Or in some cases they may prescribe medication, such as statins.

New year diet

Like any diets that gain sudden popularity, it’s important to speak to a health professional before changing your eating habits. Making smaller changes to your eating habits is the safest and most effective way to stay healthy.

Ear cleaning

Sexual health

Vitamins and supplements

For many of us, the last few years highlighted the importance of looking after our immune systems. So it’s not surprising that we’ve seen increased recent search trends around vitamins and supplements.

Key vitamins:2

  • All adults in the UK are recommended to take 10micrograms (μg) of vitamin D every day during autumn and winter.
  • Females trying to get pregnant, could be pregnant or are currently pregnant should take 400μg of folic acid a day, in line with their doctor’s guidance.
  • Those who follow a vegan diet should take 10μg of vitamin B12 each day, and up to 150μg of iodine.

Healthy air fryer recipes

Workout ideas

Lots of us turn to Google to seek inspiration for our next go-to workout, and 2023 looks to be no exception.

Whether you’re getting started or already a workout pro, follow these simple principles to stay safe and keep your workout pain free.

  • No matter how fit you are, always make the time to do a gentle warm up and cool down. It’s the best way to prevent muscle injuries.
  • Build up the amount of exercise you do slowly to avoid overdoing it.
  • Always use the correct clothing and equipment for your workout.
  • If you’re in pain, speak to a health professional.

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