Period blood colour: What does it mean?

If you’ve noticed a change in your period blood colour, you may be wondering whether it’s a cause for concern. We asked Dr Samantha Wild, Clinical
Lead for Women’s Health at Bupa Health Clinics, to answer some of your questions about periods. Join us as she takes us through a handy period colour

What's a normal period blood colour?

Normal period blood can be red, pink, brown or black. The colour of your period blood can depend on how heavy your flow is, where you are in your cycle and how long the blood has been in your body for.

Period blood colour alone isn’t enough to say whether a period is 'normal’. If you’re experiencing symptoms like pain, spotting, itching or an irregular odour, please book an appointment with a health professional.

Don't worry, you're not alone

Our research shows that lots of us turn to Google to check whether we need to be worried about periods.
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Period colour chart

Should I track my period?

When should I see a doctor about my period?

If your period is disrupting your ability to live well, Bupa’s Period Plan is there to help those struggling with managing their periods.

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