How to stop temper tantrums

Understand what causes temper tantrums in children and get expert advice on a method that can help.

Your health expert: Dr Robin Clarke, Medical Director, Bupa UK Insurance
Publish date 17/06/2024.
Next review 17/06/2025.

Dr Robin Clark explores the data increases we’ve seen around tantrums, the possible reasons why, and a technique that may help to parents to cope with them.

What do the search engines say?

Google search volume data from October 2022 to October 2023 shows that more parents are turning to Google for help with their child’s behaviour.

In particular, temper tantrum related searches. The data shows:

How to deal with tantrums

Are tantrums getting worse?

Toddler tantrums: when to worry

If you’re finding it impossible to calm your child’s tantrums, it might be a sign that they could benefit from extra health support. Especially if they seem to begin over nothing.

Some health conditions, such as ADHD and autism, can increase the chance of tantrums that don’t have an obvious cause.

Temper tantrums: help for parents

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