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An average workout at the gym, such as a 45-minute aerobics class, burns about 380 calories.

But did you know that you can burn the same number of calories just by making a few active changes throughout your working day?

Take a look at our Workout At Work programme below and see how many changes you can make.

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Enjoy an occasional treat

Our Workout At Work programme means you can eat a balanced diet and have that favourite treat now and then. Christina Merryfield, Lead Dietitian at Bupa Cromwell Hospital, tells us about a few popular treats that working out at work can contribute to.*


  • A bacon roll has about 351 calories.


  • A 45g bar of milk chocolate contains 240 calories.
  • A 25g bag of ready salted crisps contains around 132 calories.
  • Two digestive biscuits contain 142 calories (71 calories per biscuit).

Evening drinks

  • A glass (175ml) of red or white wine (with 13% ABV) contains around 160 calories.
  • A pint (568ml) of 4% ABV beer has around 182 calories.

*Please note that different brands and recipes mean that the amount of calories may vary.

More easy ways to burn a few calories

And here are a few more changes you can make to your day to burn off a few more calories.**

Water the plants

Get some office plants – watering them for three minutes will burn around 9 calories.

Five minutes of watering burns almost 15 calories.

Get grooming

Refresh your make up, brush your hair or teeth at some point throughout the day and you can burn around 12 calories in five minutes or 23 calories in 10 minutes.

Share a joke with a colleague

Five minutes sitting and laughing with a colleague can burn around 6 calories.

**based on an adult weighing 70kg (154lbs)

This doesn’t mean you can give up doing other regular physical activity during the week! We recommend that you incorporate our ‘Workout At Work’ programme into your daily life, in addition to getting active in other ways throughout the week. Why not check out our fitness blogs for some more inspiration?

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