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MSK Clinical Lead at Bupa UK
04 June 2019

If you work in an office, you probably spend up to three-quarters of your day sitting down. Being that inactive could contribute to poorer health in the long run, so doctors recommend taking every opportunity to move around – even if it’s just to make the tea!

We know the working day is already busy enough, but in the infographic below we’ve got some activities you could squeeze into your schedule while still getting everything you need done. They may even help you to feel better and more productive.

An infographic showing ways to be active in the workplace

Infographic transcript

Boost your exercise routine with these everyday activities, which could burn as many calories as a gym session ...

  • Walk the last part of your commute (10 minutes, 30 calories)
  • Stretch at your desk throughout the day (10 minutes, 33 calories)
  • Stand for a conference call (30 minutes, 63 calories)
  • Take a walk at lunch (20 minutes, 80 calories)
  • Share a joke with a colleague (5 minutes, 6 calories)
  • Make the tea twice a day (5 minutes, 14 calories)
  • Go for a casual walking meeting (30 minutes, 120 calories)
  • Take the stairs (5 minutes, 36 calories)

Total calories burned: 382 calories (based on an adult weight 70kg/154lbs). That may be more than your breakfast. A croissant contains about 304 calories.

Enjoy an occasional treat

Doing regular exercise means you can eat a balanced diet and have that favourite treat now and then. You’ll see in the infographic above that we’ve given the example of a croissant, but it might be chocolate or something else for you!

In general, adult women need around 2,000 calories a day, and men need around 2,500. Most of this should come from fruit, vegetables and starchy foods like bread and potatoes. Proteins (like meat or fish) and dairy, or alternatives, are also recommended in moderate amounts as part of healthy eating.

So while you shouldn’t feel guilty about having the occasional treat at work – be it crisps, chocolate, croissants or biscuits – try to keep them as foods you only have once in a while, and swap snacks for healthier alternatives.

Being active outside work

Finally, remember that being active at work shouldn’t be a replacement for regular physical activity outside of work! We recommend that you incorporate the activities above into your daily life, in addition to getting active in other ways throughout the week.

Do you know how healthy you truly are? Bupa health assessments give you a clear overview of your health. You’ll receive a personalised lifestyle action plan with health goals to reach for a healthier, happier you. 

Jon Edmondson
MSK Clinical Lead at Bupa UK

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