Time to put her health first

Julie's journey hasn't been short of turbulent moments. With a family history of bowel cancer, lung cancer, her husband’s tumour scare, and her daughter’s complex kidney surgery, she’s had her fair share of worries. But now Julie is determined to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

At 53, Julie wants to reach a healthy BMI and finally focus on herself. That’s where Bupa and our #TeamHealth mentor, Richard Whitehead MBE, come in. Supporting her with simple, sustainable diet and lifestyle changes as she aims to reach the incredible milestone of living to 100.

Join Julie on her inspiring journey as she transforms her health and discovers the joy of a balanced life.

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Our health experts and ParalympicsGB athletes are here to help support your journey to a healthier, happier you.

We are #TeamHealth

Follow two people on very different but equally important personal health journeys – both supported by Bupa over 12 months.

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