Coronavirus and mental health

Strange times like these can leave you feeling unsettled, but we can help.

Struggling with your mental health during the ongoing impact of coronavirus? Bupa’s experts have created lots of helpful information and advice about how to support yourself or a loved one.

An elderly man opening his front door during the coronavirus lockdown

Looking after your mental health during coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic was a sudden shock, and lockdown, self-isolation and shielding have been challenging for a lot of people. And while we’re all in it together, we all have different ways of coping – or not coping.

If you’re looking for help for yourself or wondering how to support a loved one struggling with their mental health, we can help. This page has lots of information and practical advice from our experts, designed to help you as well as those you care about. We also point out where to find additional support.

Podcast: How to make home working work for you – and your household

In our 18-minute podcast, a Bupa panel offers helpful tips for working from home in a way that protects your mental health. We look at work/life balance, digital detox, how technology can help us, and improving our sleep.

Our tips on looking after your mental health during coronavirus

A woman wearing a mask travelling during Covid-19

How to manage any post-lockdown anxiety

It feels good to be taking steps back to what feels a bit more normal. However, it can be a challenge to balance our new-found sense of freedom with anxiety about staying safe. One of our specialist advisors offers tips for looking after your mental health during coronavirus.

Talk to a Bupa Buddy

If you or someone you know is feeling lonely, Bupa Buddy is here for a chat. We understand that it can be tough to self-isolate or shield because of COVID-19. So why not make yourself a cup of tea and give us a call? You don’t even have to be a Bupa customer.

Support for your mental health during coronavirus from Bupa’s experts

Our wellbeing platform, Healthy Me, is where you’ll find a wide range of help in coping with COVID-19.

If you’re in a crisis or just need some help, don’t hesitate. Here are some really helpful organisations that you can turn to for support.

Mental health support as part of Bupa health insurance

Direct Access telephone services are available as long as the symptoms are covered under the policy. If your cover excludes conditions you had before your policy started, we’ll ask you to provide evidence from your GP that your symptoms are not pre-existing for a period of up to two years from policy start date (or up to five years in the case of mental health). We can then refer you to a consultant or therapist through the Direct Access service. Always call us first to check your eligibility.

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