Go sober for a month

Take on the Bupa challenge and go alcohol-free for a month

Why not cut back on the booze and go sober for the month? From losing weight to improving your liver, there are lots of reasons to take the challenge. Below our experts share their top tips and advice on cutting back and avoiding giving into temptation throughout the month.

Why should you go sober for a month?

Embracing an alcohol-free month has lots of health benefits. Alcohol is higher in calories than most of us realise , so cutting back or going tee-total for a month may be all you need to shed any unwanted pounds. Regularly drinking too much can cause fat to build up in your liver too, which can lead to health problems. But if you stop drinking for a few weeks, your liver can repair itself and get rid of the excess fat. It can also lead to improved sleep and a better sport performance.

Our experts share their top tips and advice to help you cut back on alcohol:

Maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol

Although it’s nice to enjoy a tipple or two, too much alcohol is bad for your health. So if you’re worried about how much you’re drinking, a good starting point is working out whether you need to cut back.

Write down how much you drink on average and compare it to the recommended guidelines. We’re advised not to exceed 14 units per week on a regular basis. For example, 1 small bottle of lager is 1.7 units and 2 medium glasses of red wine equates to 4.7 units.

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