[PODCAST] Body scan: a mindfulness meditation technique

Jane Bozier
Registered Nurse and Mindfulness Expert at Bupa UK
30 May 2017

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Body scan is a mindfulness meditation technique. It’s all about noticing different parts of your body and resting your attention with them to help bring about a sense of awareness.

It’s thought that body scan can help calm your mind and induce relaxation to help you both fall asleep with ease, and carry a sense of calm with you throughout your day. If you often have trouble sleeping or find it hard to adopt a sense of calm, body scan could be for you. So why not give it a go?

As a mindfulness expert and teacher in this space, I’ve recorded my very own guided body scan. It aims to guide you through the different stages to help you master the technique.

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Jane Bozier
Jane Bozier
Registered Nurse and Mindfulness Expert at Bupa UK

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