[Animation and podcasts] Coping with bereavement due to COVID-19

A photo of Meera Phull, Mental Wellbeing Nurse at Bupa UK
Clinical Collaboration Lead, Bupa Group Clinical
14 July 2020
Next review due July 2023

Very sadly, an increased number of people across the country have lost loved ones in recent weeks. Grief and loss are extremely difficult experiences in any circumstances, and the current situation with COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions presents particular challenges to anyone who is facing a bereavement. This applies to anyone in the wider population but also to frontline health and care staff, who may be coping with the loss of colleagues, patients or care home residents while continuing to do their vital work.

In the two podcast episodes below, myself and three mental health professionals at Bupa discuss how people may be affected by bereavement and loss in the current climate, and what may help you to cope. You can also watch the animation below about the different ways in which people may experience feelings of grief, and what may help.  

Podcast: For anyone experiencing loss of a loved one

The first episode below is aimed at anyone coping with the loss of a loved one, or anyone who would like to support them. It also touches on the broader feelings of loss that many people are feeling right now – the sense of a loss of normality, be it due to a change in your lifestyle, your job, or which members of your family you are able to see right now. In this episode I’m joined by Erika-Gati Howe, a Telephone Counsellor on Bupa's Employee Assistance Programme with a background in bereavement therapy, to discuss these feelings and techniques for coping.

Podcast: For frontline healthcare workers

The second episode below is aimed at frontline workers in any health or care setting. Health and care staff are being affected by the loss of patients, residents, colleagues and loved ones due to COVID-19. Here, counsellor and Bupa Employee Assistance Programme manager Jennifer Taylor is joined by Helen Storey, Oncology Counsellor at the Cromwell Hospital, to discuss these feelings and what may help.

Bereavement support organisations

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A photo of Meera Phull, Mental Wellbeing Nurse at Bupa UK
Meera Phull
Clinical Collaboration Lead, Bupa Group Clinical

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