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"The person you knew is still there. They might just not be able to communicate in the same way, but they're not gone, they are still there and they still need your love and affection." Susan

Our research tells us that, as well as good quality health information, people want to hear how others have dealt with similar situations. Your story is important because it can help other people who have a loved one with dementia, or who have dementia themselves, to cope. Each person's experience of dementia is different, so there's a lot to be learned from others.

Here are stories that others have shared with us.

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We may use your words as a quote on the dementia information section of our website. You can either give your story anonymously or share your first name.

If you would also be interested in being filmed as a video case study or have any questions about how your story will be used after submitting it, please email us.