Health assessment FAQs

If you don’t see the answer you need, give us a call on
0330 822 3128^

You can book your appointment online or call us on 0330 822 3128. Please have your card details to hand, as we’ll need them to secure your booking.

Lines open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm.

You’ll need to complete a questionnaire about your physical and mental health, using the Bupa Be.Me app or online.

We’ll ask you about any medication you’re taking to make sure you’re booking the most appropriate assessment. It would also be useful to know if you are pregnant, as this can affect the type of assessment we can offer you. If you’ve chosen to have a cervical cancer screen, we’ll need to make sure that the appointment doesn’t coincide with your period.

We’d recommend booking a health assessment which includes time with a doctor, such as Be.Reassured or Be.Ahead.

This includes time with a GP, not a specialist. Therefore some aspects of what you may want to talk about could lie beyond their level of expertise. If the GP thinks you need a specialist opinion, they can give you a referral letter to get the right help.

We may not be able to review your treatments or recommend any changes during your health assessment. This is because we'd need access to your full medical records and we also believe that continuity of care with your regular GP is important. However we should be able to discuss your condition and explain some investigations and treatments if needed. With your permission, we would also write to your GP about what we’ve talked about.

You can, but there may be a charge because of the preparations we’ll be making in the run-up to your visit. This will depend on how much notice you give us.

When you let us know

 More than five working days before your appointment

 Five days or less before your appointment

 24 hours or less before your appointment

 If you don’t turn up on the day

What you’ll pay 

 No charge


 Full fee

 Full fee

Please get in touch with our bookings team on 0330 822 3128 if you need any assistance getting to your appointment.

If you have restricted mobility, we’ll tell you about parking or access to the building.

If you’ll need an interpreter during your appointment, we can offer you immediate telephone access to an interpretation service called Language Line. You’ll be able to choose from over 200 languages and dialects.

You can specify the gender of your doctor when booking your health assessment, but this may limit the number of centres available to you as not all of our centres have both female and male doctors.

If you need to change the date of your appointment, rather than cancelling, please give us a call as some fees may apply. If you cancel, you may incur a charge, depending on how soon you let us know. That’s because we need to send a home testing kit out to you. There’s a postage and packaging cost with that, as well as the cost of the blood collection device, the blood pressure monitor, and the tape measure we send you. For these reasons, there are two parts to any cancellation fee for a home-based health assessment: your appointment and your kit. Please note that the maximum cancellation fee will never be more than the cost of the home health assessment you booked.

When you let us know

  More than 72 hours in advance

 72 to 24 hours in advance

  24 hours or less before your appointment

What you’ll pay 

 No charge


 Full fee

Your home testing kit
We can only refund the cost of the testing kit, which is £35, if you return the kit with the seal intact. Returning it is simple: just call us and we’ll arrange for a courier to collect it.

Our remote health assessments would be ideal for you if:

  • you live far from any of our health centres
  • you have a physical difficulty which would make it difficult for you to attend
  • you have a mental health difficulty which would make it difficult for you to attend, such as agoraphobia or social anxiety
  • you have difficulties with transport
  • you have caring responsibilities
  • you would prefer the convenience of having a health check from home

We have 2 remote assessment available; Be.Healthy at Home and Be.Healthy at Home Plus. They’re very similar except Be.Healthy at Home Plus includes 30 minutes with a GP, to use as you like. You could discuss your test results, review your mental health in more depth, or talk about a health concern you have, for example.

In summary, both assessments include 45 minutes by video call with a health advisor, however only Be Healthy at Home Plus also includes time with a doctor, also by video call.

More about remote assessments

This is because we need to send you out our home health testing kit. This includes a blood collection device, the blood pressure monitor, and the tape measure. Then we need time for you to take the blood sample and return it to the lab, and time for the lab to analyse it.

17 days gives you the best chance of your results being ready for you when you have your health assessment.

We can’t say if it will hurt or not as everyone will have a difference experience. However, we can reassure you that:

  • there are no big needles
  • you won’t see it, as the needle is hidden in the device
  • you won’t need to access a vein

We supply a helpful guide to take you through every step, and our video 'How to collect blood samples at home' shows you too. If for any reason you do struggle, however, just call us and we’ll talk you through it.

There are a few differences. We’re able to carry out more tests in our health centres such as an ECG, full blood count and haemoglobin test (for anaemia). These health assessments can also include face-to-face time with a GP, which some customers appreciate more than a video call. For a full list of what each assessment offers and the differences between them, you can check out our comparison table.

Compare health assessments

Your assessment will include a certain set of tests. If we think we need to recommend further tests, we can discuss these with you. Similarly, if there were certain tests you were particularly interested in, we can let you know if these would help with your concerns. We’d also tell you whether they could be included within the health assessment or need extra payment or referral elsewhere.

We also use other information to provide you with results and guidance which are personalised to you. This includes your questionnaire responses and any additional tests we recommend (the cost of these is usually included in your health assessment), plus any consultation with a doctor if that’s included in your health assessment. That way, you’ll get an overview of your wellbeing along with advice that’s tailored to your health, your test results, your lifestyle and your ambitions.

You’ll receive most of your test results on the day. Some tests, such as additional blood tests, mammograms, and screening for cervical and prostate cancer, need to be sent away to a laboratory or await a radiology report. You’ll get those results within two weeks of your tests.

If we discover a serious health concern during your health check, we’ll talk it through with you in detail. With your agreement, we’ll also let your GP know. We may advise you to see your GP, or if you wish then we can provide you with a referral letter to see a specialist privately, if necessary.

Although we’re very thorough, it’s not always possible to spot all diseases and abnormalities at the time of your assessment. If you have any new symptoms or concerns afterwards, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

If you’d like our help, you can make a private appointment with a Bupa GP, or you can call our Anytime HealthLine – the number will be in your health assessment report. In an emergency, though, you should call 111 or 999.

Our clinical governance framework promotes clinical excellence through:

  • quality improvement activity
  • continual reviews of our policies and protocols
  • internal and external audits
  • clear policies for managing risk
  • the reporting of clinical incidents
  • a clear complaints policy
  • the reporting and management of poor performance
  • staff training and development

Bupa centres are also regulated and audited by the Care Quality Commission. They require us to treat our customers as having the utmost importance, and to ensure that safety is maintained at all times through clear policies and procedures.

Most of our doctors have been qualified for at least five years since graduating from medical school. However, many of our doctors have been qualified for longer.

Foundation and postgraduate GP training involves working in a number of specialisms as a junior doctor. Most of our doctors hold the MRCGP postgraduate qualification for general practice and family medicine, awarded by the Royal College of General Practitioners. Some hold a similar qualification, MRCP, from the Royal Colleges of Physicians, or are accredited by another organisation. Quite a few have further qualifications; GPs can obtain specialist diplomas such as DFSRH (relating to sexual health) and DRCOG (women’s health). Some of our doctors have experience as NHS GP partners, GMC appraisers and NHS GP trainers.

All of our doctors are on the GMC’s medical register and have a licence to practise. This means they have an annual GMC appraisal, although Bupa does the appraisal in-house for doctors who no longer work in the NHS. Our doctors also undergo clinical reviews with a lead doctor within Bupa, both three months after starting with us and then annually. The clinical review looks at a wide range of data such as incidents, complaints, and customer and colleague feedback, along with the quality of their clinical decision making and prescribing.

All of our doctors also have regular performance reviews, and samples of their clinical notes and health assessment reports are reviewed and audited at least once a year. We have also introduced an enhanced clinical review for the small number of doctors who are not on the GMC GP register, to ensure that they meet the standard of care expected from a fully trained GP.

Many of our health advisers are educated to degree level or equivalent in exercise physiology/sports science as well as nutrition. And some of our health advisers are nurses. They all undergo an intense full-time training programme to learn how to perform health assessments to a very high standard. This includes nutrition and diet, alcohol consumption, smoking and exercise. They undergo thorough criminal and security checks and have regular performance appraisals.

Bupa is accredited under the ISO 9001 quality management system. As part of this, we operate stringent quality checks with full internal audits of all procedures.

Taking good care of your sensitive personal data is essential to everything we do. We’re also committed to full transparency about how we protect your information and prove it’s in safe hands. You can read our privacy policy and our legal notices.

We handle your information in accordance with UK data protection legislation and medical confidentiality guidelines. Confidentiality is a key aspect of training, and compliance with our policies and guidelines is actively monitored. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary or legal action. We have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to guard against the unauthorised or unlawful processing of your personal data and the accidental loss of, destruction of or damage to your data.

Our data centres are externally accredited and certified to the International Standard for Information Security (ISO/IEC 27001:2013). If you're unhappy about how we’ve handled your information, we’d like to hear your concerns. Please email [email protected] or write to us at:

Bupa UK Privacy Team
Willow House
4 Pine Trees
Chertsey Lane
TW18 3DZ

Please be aware that information you send to this email address may not be secure unless you send us your email through Egress. You will not be charged for sending secure emails to a Bupa email address using the Egress service.

The Bupa Be.Me App can be used on many different wearable devices. If you’re experiencing issues, it’s important to follow the steps specific to your device.

Connecting your Garmin devices

  • Your Garmin device must be synced with your Apple Health or Google Fit.
  • The health data for Be.Me is taken from Apple Health or Google Fit, not from your Garmin device.
  • Make sure that Be.Me is connected to your Apple Health or Google Fit.
  • If these are connected, your health data will be added to Be.Me when you sign in next.

Connecting your Strava app

  • Your Strava app must be synced with your Apple Health or Google Fit. You can do this in your app settings.
  • The health data for Be.Me is taken from Apple Health or Google Fit, not from your wearable device.
  • Make sure that Be.Me is connected to your Apple Health or Google Fit.
  • If these are connected, your health data will be added to Be.Me when you sign in next.

Connecting your Huawei device

  • Your Huawei device must be synced with Apple Health or Google Fit.
  • The health data for Be.Me is taken from Apple Health or Google Fit, not from your wearable device.
  • If these are connected, your health data will be added to Be.Me when you sign in next.

If you have two wearable devices, we’ll only show the data we have from the device you are using at the time. We cannot show all the data from your Apple ID or Google Account.

We don’t want anyone to be unhappy about our service, so we’d like to address any complaints as soon as possible. Please speak to a member of staff at the Bupa centre where you had your assessment. Every centre has a complaints handler, or you may also be able to talk to the centre manager.

If you want to escalate your complaint by telephone or in writing, please call or write to the centre manager using contact details found after searching for health centre on our website. We’ll acknowledge your complaint the following working day, and send you a full response within 20 working days.

We deal with all complaints confidentially and impartially. If appropriate, your complaint may be referred to the regional manager and/or escalated to a more senior manager. If you’re not satisfied with the response to a complaint, all of our centres are registered with the Care Quality Commission and you can escalate your complaint to them, if necessary.

We keep a record of every complaint we receive and the reasons for it. We use this information, as well as our customer satisfaction surveys, to help make sure we continually improve the service we provide.

Our complaints process does not affect your legal rights.

Health Assessment Bookings Team
Bupa Place
102 The Quays
Salford Quays
M50 3SP

Email: [email protected]

Please be aware that information you send to this email address may not be secure unless you send us your email through Egress.
You will not be charged for sending secure emails to a Bupa email address using the Egress service.

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