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Here’s a selection of questions and answers that we’ve already helped our customers with.

Book your health assessment by calling us on 0345 600 3458 ^. 

We'll need to take your credit or debit card details to secure your booking, so please make sure you have them to hand.

You can also book online.

We’ll ask you some questions about your health and any medication you are taking to make sure the health assessment is appropriate for you. For women who want a cervical smear, we’ll need to make sure that the appointment doesn’t coincide with your menstrual cycle.

You can change or cancel your appointment free of charge up to five working days before your appointment.

If you change or cancel your appointment within five working days of your appointment, you will have to pay a fee:

  • £75 if you cancel up to 24 hours before your appointment
  • the full price of the assessment if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment

We’ll send a health questionnaire, normally by email, however hard copies are available on request – please complete this online before your appointment or bring it with you on the day if you have a hard copy. For more information please read about how to prepare for your visit.

There's no need to fast beforehand, but ideally try not to eat a heavy meal. Drink plenty of water on the day so that you're well hydrated but please try to avoid caffeine three hours before your appointment.

Just let us know when you make your booking. If you have restricted mobility, we’ll give you instructions about parking or access to the building. If you have communication or language difficulties, please arrange for a friend, relative or interpreter/signer to come with you.

Health assessments aren’t suitable for anyone with long-term chronic conditions or seeking a specialist medical opinion about an existing condition.

Between one and three hours, depending on which health assessment you choose.

You’ll be welcomed by a health adviser who will talk you through your assessment in detail.

They’ll take a series of tests including taking a sample of your blood, taking your blood pressure on both arms, checking your hearts rhythm and tests to measure your BMI, Body fat and height to waist ratio. You’ll also get either a full body MSK assessment, or hearing test, depending on which assessment you booked.

You’ll then meet with the doctor who will have most of your test results and your completed medical questionnaire. They’ll answer your questions, offer advice and give you a personal health report and action plan to help you minimise any health risks.

Through the information we gather in the questionnaire, extensive tests and doctor’s consultation, we’ll be able to provide an overview of your health and give advice that is right for you.

You’ll receive most of your test results on the day and the doctor will discuss these with you during your consultation.

Pathology tests, mammograms, cervical smear and prostate tests will need to be sent away to special laboratories. You’ll receive these results within two weeks of your appointment.

Following the assessment you’ll then receive a link to create or sign in to your online Bupa account. Here you’ll be able to access your results, a personalised action plan, useful videos and information as well as having access to 4 of our 12 week online coaching programmes.

Following the assessment you’ll also be contacted by our lifestyle coaching team who will check to see how you’re doing and offer further support.

We’ll talk it through with you in detail and, with your agreement, we’ll let your GP know. We may advise you to see your GP to follow up on these results or provide you with a referral to a private specialist, if necessary.

It’s not always possible to spot all diseases and abnormalities at the time of your assessment, though we do our best to do so. If you have any new symptoms or concerns after your health assessment, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

We’d like to address any complaints you have as soon as possible, so please speak to a member of staff at the Bupa centre where you had your assessment. All centres have a complaints handler who will be happy to speak with you, or you may also be able to talk to the centre manager.

If you want to escalate your complaint by telephone or in writing, please call or write to the centre manager or regional manager.

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We’ll acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours of receipt and we’ll send a full response within 20 working days.

We deal with all complaints confidentially and impartially. If required, your complaint will be referred to the regional manager and may be escalated to a more senior manager if necessary. If you are not satisfied with the response to a complaint, all of our centres are registered with the Care Quality Commission and you can escalate your complaint to them if necessary.

Visit Care Quality Commission website

We keep a record of every complaint we receive and the reasons for the complaint. We use this information along with our customer satisfaction surveys to help make sure we continually improve the service we provide.

This process does not affect your legal rights.

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Our clinical governance framework promotes clinical excellence through:

  • quality improvement activity
  • continuous review of policies and protocols
  • internal and external audits
  • clear policies to manage risk
  • clinical incidents reporting
  • a clear complaints handling policy
  • management and reporting of poor performance
  • training and development

Bupa centres are regulated and audited by the Care Quality Commission. The Care Quality Commission require that all our procedures and policies treat the customer with the most importance, and that we ensure client safety at all times through clear policies and procedures.

Visit Care Quality Commission website

Most of our doctors have been qualified for at least 7 years since graduating from medical school; 2 years post graduate foundation training, 3 years GP training, and most having at least 2 years’ experience as a fully qualified GP - many having a lot more. Foundation and post-graduate GP training both involve working in a number of specialties as a junior doctor. Most our doctors have MRCGP, the post graduate qualification for General Practice and Family Medicine. Some may have MRCP and others. Quite a few have further qualifications – mostly diplomas like DFSRH (sexual health) and DROG (women’s health). There are specialist diplomas in a number of specialties which GPs can do. Quite a few of our doctors have experience as NHS GP partners, GMC appraisers and NHS trainers (training junior doctors to become GPs).

All of our doctors are on the GMC Register with a licence to practise and have annual GMC appraisal (bupa does this for doctors who no longer work for the NHS, otherwise the NHS does this). Our doctors have clinical reviews within Bupa annually (and 3 months after starting), with a lead doctor. The clinical review looks into multiple areas (incidents, complaints, customer feedback, colleague feedback, also the lead clinician sitting in observing the dr especially if they are new, compliance with indemnity, audits into practice, failsafe data linked with that doctor, and the dr dashboard – a platform that monitors practice including prescribing, referring to specialists, test ordering behaviour and other areas related to clinical care. Doctors have samples of their clinical notes and health assessment reports reviewed and audited twice a year. We recently introduced an enhanced clinical review for the small number of doctors who are not on the GMC GP register. This is to further check that they meet the standard of care expected by fully trained GP.

Our health advisers are either qualified nurses or exercise physiologists. All take part in an intense full-time training programme to learn how to perform health assessments. This includes training on nutrition and diet, alcohol consumption, smoking and exercise. They also have ongoing performance appraisals. All health advisers undergo thorough criminal and security checks.

Bupa is accredited under the ISO9001:2008 quality management system. As part of this, we operate stringent quality checks with full internal audit of all procedures. All clinical and non-clinical staff also have regular appraisals.

Find out more about ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Carefully looking after your sensitive data is essential to everything we do. It is important that we provide transparency to our customers about how we protect information and demonstrate that personal information is safe in our hands. Please take a moment to read our privacy notice. We handle your information in accordance with UK data protection legislation and medical confidentiality guidelines. Everyone who works at Bupa has a duty of confidentiality. Confidentiality is a key aspect within training and compliance with our policies and guidelines and is actively monitored; non-compliance may result in disciplinary or legal action being taken. We have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to guard against unauthorised or unlawful processing of your personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, this data. Our data centres are externally accredited and certified to the International Standard for Information Security (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) If you're unhappy about how we handle your information, we would like to hear your concerns. Please contact us by email at or write to us as Bupa UK Privacy Team, Willow House, 4 Pine Trees, Chertsey Lane, Staines-upon-Thames, Middlesex, TW18 3DZ

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Bupa health assessments are provided by Bupa Occupational Health Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 631336. Registered office: 1 Angel Court, London, EC2R 7HJ.