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Dermatology treatments

For helping you get back to healthy skin fast

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin, which is why our specialist dermatologists are here for anyone experiencing pain or discomfort. From acne to eczema, we can diagnose your condition and recommend a tailored treatment plan to restore the health of your skin.

Our treatments

Here are just a few of the skin conditions we can treat. Don’t worry if your skin concern isn’t listed, simply get in touch and we’ll be able to explore your options.

Dermatology price list

  • Service/Treatment Appointment duration (approx) Price
    Initial consultation 30 minutes £200
    Follow-up consultation 15 minutes £150
    Mole check 15 minutes £150
  • Service/Treatment Appointment duration (approx) Price
    Shave excision (up to three removals) 30 minutes £285
    Excision (up to three removals) 45 minutes £350
    Excision (four to six removals) 60 minutes £450
    Curettage and cautery (up to four removals) 30 minutes £285
  • Service/Treatment Appointment duration (approx) Price
    Histopathology (tissue study) N/A £180
    Mycology (fungus related conditions) N/A £50
  • Service/Treatment Appointment duration (approx) Price
    Diphencyprone Topical Immunotherapy 15 minutes £200^
    Cryotherapy (up to three removals) 15 minutes £200^
    Cryotherapy (four to six removals) 15 minutes £300^
    Intralesional Steroid Injection N/A £200

    ^ Your consultant dermatologist will always give you an itemised breakdown of your treatment plan in advance of any treatments carried out.

  • Service/Treatment Appointment duration (approx) Price
    Botox for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) 45 minute session £500

What's next?

^ We may record or monitor our calls.

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