Is a cancer screening for me?

Our cancer screening is for those without symptoms who are worried they may be at risk of the condition. If you’ve noticed a change or symptom, see your GP or book a private GP appointment instead.

What’s included in a Targeted cancer screening?

Price: £171    Time: 30 minutes

Extra tests you can add on

To add these extra tests to your cancer screening, you’ll need to book by calling our team on 03456003458 ^

Spread the cost with 0% finance

You can now spread the cost of your appointment, if it’s over £250. This includes tests that you want to add
on to your original appointment.


More information about cancer

Facts, advice and support from our experts on cancer and a range of health concerns.

Want a full picture of your health?

Explore our range of health assessments

Our health assessments offer up a look at your overall physical and mental health, and come with 12 months of support to help with your health goals.

Our Be.Reassured and Be.Ahead options include a targeted cancer screening, and a bowel cancer stool test if it’s clinically appropriate.

What’s next?

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