Mole checks and removals

Removing your mole

The procedure to remove your mole will vary depending on what type of mole you have. The dermatologist will advise which procedure is most suitable for you.

Mole removal is done under local anaesthesia. This is an injection which blocks pain from the area and you will stay awake during the procedure.

The most common techniques to remove a mole include:

A shave biopsy

This is a technique where your dermatologist will ‘shave off’ the mole using a surgical blade, leaving it at the level of your surrounding skin. This is only used for harmless moles which may be a nuisance or you want to have removed for cosmetic reasons.

An excision biopsy

This is used to remove moles that your dermatologist is more concerned about. Your wound will need to be closed up with stitches afterwards.

What’s next?

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