About breast and cervical cancer tests

With our 30-minute cancer screening, we can check for early signs of breast or cervical cancer. This is for women, and some transgender men, non-binary or intersex people with breasts, a cervix or both.

Most changes in your breasts or cervix aren't cancer, but it's always good to check for anything that isn't normal for you. Any signs of cancer found at an early stage can make treatment easier and more effective.

If you've had a cervical screening (smear test) before and tested positive for human papilloma virus (HPV), we recommend booking one each year. If you tested negative, we'd suggest waiting two years before your next screening.

Is a cancer screening for me?

Our cancer screening is for those without symptoms who are worried they may be at risk of the condition. If you've noticed a change or symptom, see your GP or book a private GP appointment instead.

Breast cancer symptoms

  • A lump or thicker skin in your breast
  • Discharge or bleeding from your nipple (not milky)
  • Skin that looks red, puckered or dimpled like an orange
  • Redness, a rash or crusting around your nipple
  • Changes to your nipple, such as a change to its shape, or if it's become newly sunken or inverted (turned inwards)
  • A lump in your armpit
  • A change in your breast shape

Cervical cancer symptoms

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding, such as heavy periods, bleeding between periods or after you have sex
  • Bleeding from your vagina after you've been through the menopause
  • A vaginal discharge which may smell unpleasant
  • Pain when you have sex
  • Blood stains or mucus in your vaginal discharge
  • Pain in your pelvis or back

What's included in a Targeted cancer screening?

Price: £189       Time: 30 minutes

  • Health questionnaire
    Before your appointment we'll ask you to fill this in. We'll use it to understand your medical history and decide what tests will be most relevant.
  • GP consultation
    During your appointment, the GP will talk through your questionnaire. You'll also have a chance to discuss any breast or cervical concerns.
  • Breast cancer screening examination
    Depending on your questionnaire results and consultation, the GP may examine your breasts. They'll also make sure you're confident doing checks at home so changes can be found and looked into earlier.
  • Cervical cancer screening
    If you're over 25, the GP will take a sample from the entrance of your womb. This is to check for human papilloma virus (HPV). If you have HPV, we'll check the sample for abnormal cells. Finding these early means there's more chance of treatment before they become cancerous. Under 25s can discuss their concerns with the GP who will advise on next steps.
  • HPV test
    Certain types of HPV can increase the risk of cervical cancer. So it's important we know about it. In most people HPV clears up on its own, but some people may need treatment. It's advised you have yearly follow-ups to track it until it's resolved.
  • Follow up referrals
    Depending on your symptoms, examination or test results, the GP can organise a private referral. Or they can write to your NHS GP (with your consent) advising an NHS referral.

This doesn't include a mammogram (breast scan), but you can include it for an additional cost or book a breast health check.

Book a cancer screening online

Extra cancer tests you can add

To add these extra tests to your cancer screening, you'll need to book by calling our team on 03456003458^

Spread the cost with 0% finance

You can now spread the cost of your appointment, if it's over £250. This includes tests that you want to add on to your original appointment.

What do 'false' results mean?

In some cases, results can be a 'false positive' or a 'false negative' . A false positive can mean you're called back for further tests when you're then found not to have a cancer. A false negative means that you have a cancer but your screening result came back as normal.

These results are rare but it's still stressful and upsetting. Whatever your result, it is important to report to a doctor any new symptoms you may develop after the test.

More information about cancer

Facts, advice and support from our experts on cancer and a range of health concerns

Want a full picture of your health?

Explore our range of health assessments

Our health assessments offer up a look at your overall physical and mental health, and come with 12 months of support to help with your health goals.

Our Be.Reassured and Be.Ahead options include a targeted cancer screening, and a bowel cancer stool test if it's clinically appropriate.

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