If you’re concerned about a child’s wellbeing, we can help. You don’t need to be a Bupa customer to access the information and advice we offer here.

Why is a child’s mental health important?

As they grow and change, children are constantly reacting to what’s going on around them. Many of those reactions are positive – but sometimes things can feel confusing or upsetting, leading to a change in their behaviour. They may be showing signs of distress, upset, anger, sadness or perhaps wanting to isolate themselves. And that in turn can impact on the child’s wellbeing.

This matters because child’s wellbeing is closely linked to physical, emotional and social development. So we’ve gathered together lots of resources to help you support your child, including children’s wellbeing activities, animations, tools, self-help and more.

How can I help my child’s mental wellbeing?

Our tips on child mental health

Sharp increase in worries about eating disorders in children

Our research shows that more people have been looking for answers about eating disorders as a result of the pandemic. Eating disorders in children can be a significant cause for concern. That’s why we’ve created a page all about leading types of eating disorder, warning signs to look out for, and advice for parents.

Support for your child’s wellbeing from Bupa’s experts

Healthy Me is where you’ll find a wide range of help for your child’s wellbeing.

If you’re in a crisis or just need some help, don’t hesitate. Here are some really helpful organisations that you can turn to for support.

Mental health support as part of Bupa health insurance

Any onward referrals for consultations, tests or treatment are subject to the benefits and exclusions of your cover. Please check your guide and certificate for further details or contact us to check your availability.

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