How could private medical insurance work for me?

We’re often asked, is health insurance worth it? We think so, if you choose the right policy for you. Here, we explain some aspects of health insurance, to help you find a policy that ticks all your boxes.

Find health insurance confusing?

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What’s covered?

Most health insurance policies don’t cover emergency treatment, maternity care, or management of long term conditions like arthritis or diabetes.

Conditions you had before you took the policy out are not normally covered.

Some policies limit the amount you can claim for out-patient appointments each year, while others offer unlimited cover.

Will I have to pay an excess?

You can opt to include an excess on most health insurance policies. This is an amount you agree to pay towards the cost of claims each year.

Opting for a larger excess can reduce the monthly payments on your policy. But you will need to pay the excess amount if you make a claim.

How easy is it to make a claim?

Every provider has its own process. Most ask you to visit your GP first to get a referral. Then they’ll help you to find the private medical treatment you need.

You’ll usually choose from a list of approved healthcare providers. Your insurer will usually pay these directly, meaning you won’t have to claim money back.

How to choose health insurance

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Is health insurance worth it?

This is entirely up to you.

Health insurance can help you avoid wait times. With health insurance you can get access to new drugs or specialist treatments, and you'll often be treated faster.

Private healthcare can offer you choice, as well as comforts like a private room, or treatment in your local private hospital.

Does health insurance cover emergency care?

No - private health insurance only covers you for non-emergency treatment and care. If you have new symptoms which require emergency care, you should visit A&E or a private urgent care centre as normal and get the help you need.

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