Advice, support and motivation at your fingertips

All of our health and wellbeing plans include a full year’s use of the Bupa Be.Me app, which includes personalised guidance and support from your virtual coach. There’s lots of information tailored to your chosen health focus, setting and tracking goals, and more. All backed by behaviour change psychology and clinical effectiveness.

Every journey begins with the Bupa Be.Me app

We’ll be by your side − all year

The great thing about Bupa’s health checks is that we stay with you for a full 12 months after your chosen health assessment.

In addition to a year of the Bupa Be.Me app, you’ll have two behaviour change calls from a lifestyle coach, access to a 24/7 Bupa nurse healthline, and the use of online cognitive behavioural therapy and mental wellbeing programmes provided by SilverCloud.

Book a health assessment and the Bupa Be.Me app comes with it

Choose the health and wellbeing plan that suits your lifestyle and ambitions. Need help deciding?

Bupa health and wellbeing plans and Bupa Be.Me app are provided by Bupa Occupational Health Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 631336. Registered office: 1 Angel Court, London EC2R 7HJ. Bupa Occupational Health Limited provides Bupa Be.Me app by working together with Wellpoint Group Limited.

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