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Private GP services

Providing fast and convenient access

With our private GP services you we aim to give you an appointment on a next-day basis and will always try to accommodate urgent requests on the same day that you contact us.

During your appointment your GP will discuss any need or concerns you may have.

Book appointment online

Alternatively, call us on 0345 619 2961 ^

Lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, we are closed on weekends.

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General GP consultation

You’ll get sufficient time with a doctor and not feel rushed so you can properly discuss your health concerns or illness.

Our private GP services can provide:

  • Advice and support for minor illness.
  • Travel health advice in partnership with MASTA.
  • Women’s health assessments including smears, breast checks and contraceptive advice.
  • Private prescription notes and referral letters to specialist consultants at no extra cost.

As part of these support options, our GPs may suggest and arrange
investigations including blood tests and X-rays you'll need to pay for.
Charges will be advised beforehand.

Please note:

  • We only treat over 18 year olds.
  • At the moment we don't offer minor injury service for treating cuts
    and wounds, ear wax syringing service or sexual health screening.
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Online booking

You can now book a 15 minute or 30 minute GP appointment online at one of our clinics across the country allowing you to get fast access to a doctor when you need it.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s a selection of questions and answers that we have already helped our customers with:
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  • 15 minute GP appointment

    We would recommend this length of appointment if you meet any of the following:

    • You have one concern or illness to discuss with the doctor
    • You have visited the Clinic before
    • You have a query about an existing condition you wish to talk about
    • You need a repeat private prescription (Please note that Doctors cannot prescribe medication for controlled drugs and/or drug and alcohol related conditions. All prescriptions are issued at the Doctors discretion)

    30 minute GP appointment

    We would recommend this length of appointment if you require any of the following:

    • You have more than one medical issue you wish to discuss
    • You want to discuss your medical history in more detail with a doctor
    • You would like to discuss your symptoms, concerns and expectations without feeling rushed
    • You need medical advice and a detailed assessment to reach or confirm a diagnosis
    • You would like to discuss your options for treatment and need advice to help you make the best decision
    • You would like a second opinion or further information on a diagnosis or help creating a management and treatment plan to deal with your diagnosis
    • You think you may need to see a private consultant to access secondary care
    • You need a private prescription (Please note that Doctors cannot prescribe medication for controlled drugs and/or drug and alcohol related conditions. All prescriptions are issued at the Doctors discretion)
    • You require some help with completing a medical form

    Female customers: If the purpose of the appointment is for a cervical smear test, please contact the bookings team directly and request to book a ‘GP appointment with smear’.

  • All customers are welcome to attend Bupa Centres. Please let us know of any disability at the time of booking so that special arrangements and/or an extended appointment can be made for you if necessary. For customers with restricted mobility we may need to give additional instructions regarding parking or access to the building. Customers with other difficulties such as communication problems should, where possible, arrange for a friend, relative or other assistant to accompany them. For example, this could include a signer.

    We don't have specialised equipment such as hoists.
  • Most centres offer 15 minute appointments which is usually sufficient for less serious problems or 30 minutes if you feel you need a longer consultation. You can choose your appointment length at the time of booking.

    If, despite booking a short appointment more time is required, we will endeavour to make this available to you. Extra time is only available in 15 minute or 30 minute intervals and there will be a charge for this.
  • If you need specialist attention, your private doctor will be able to discuss the option of onward referral to the right kind of consultant for your condition.

    Please remember to check that you are either insured for any referral or that you have alternative arrangements in place to meet the costs.
  • We do not normally have access to NHS clinics with the exception of accident and emergency, sexual health and family planning clinics.
  • We aim to offer a level of care that is right for you and your circumstance. However, we strongly advise that you remain on the list with an NHS GP, close to your home, to ensure assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

What's next?

^ We may record or monitor our calls.

Bupa GP appointments are only available to persons aged 18 years and older.

Bupa Private GP Services are provided by Bupa Occupational Health Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 631336. Registered office: Bupa House,15-19 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2BA.