We've partnered up with Everything Genetic to bring you our COVID-19 at home PCR test, which can tell you if you currently have coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our COVID-19 at home PCR testing kit contains a nasal/throat swab and instructions of how to carry out the test to see if you are infected with COVID-19. You will receive your kit within 24 hours of order and receive your result within 48 hours of it getting back to our partner lab.

  • This test can be used to check if you have COVID-19 even if you don’t have symptoms
  • It can be used if you do currently have symptoms and want to know if it is COVID-19
  • You can also purchase a kit in advance so you have one ready should you need one

This at home COVID-19 test is the same type of test carried out by the NHS. In taking the test you are agreeing that your data can be shared with government organisations for COVID-19 purposes. For example for clinical research or public health monitoring. In addition your data may be entered into the NHS test and trace system. If you do not wish your data to be used in this way then you should not order the test.

Price: £149 (includes the testing kit, pre-paid postage and follow-up advice) .

Royal Mail Tracked 24 Postage is included in the price of your kit.

How does our COVID-19 at home PCR testing service work?

Why should I buy a COVID-19 at home PCR test with Bupa?

  • We're partnered with Everything Genetic - an accredited laboratory - to do our testing

  • You don’t need to be a Bupa insurance customer

  • A follow up call with a nurse valid for 3 months after your test, if you have further questions or concerns

  • Get a result within 48 hours of the test arriving back at our partner lab

  • One transparent price includes the test and follow up advice

The test can confirm if you have COVID-19. A positive result confirms that you are currently infected, and you should therefore follow government guidelines on self-isolation.

The test works by taking a swab from the back of the throat and inner nostril. The swab is then sent to the lab, where they will analyse the sample by looking for the virus’ genetic material.

The test costs £149, inclusive of courier return to the lab, and one follow-up support call with our team of clinicians.

Our partner laboratory aims to deliver results within 48 hours of being received at the lab.

Yes, if you currently have symptoms this is the most appropriate test.

The accuracy of the test is based on two things, firstly the accuracy of using a  swab as a technique for detecting COVID-19, and secondly the accuracy of test that the laboratory uses.  

  • Research suggests the sensitivity (ability to pick-up individuals who are infected with COVID-19) when using a swab is between 70-90%. This means some individuals with a negative result may still be infected. The specificity of the test is over 99%. This means if you do have COVID-19 the test has a 99% accuracy level of detecting it
  • In terms of the tests that our Laboratory use to analyse the sample the sensitivity and specificity is over 99%
  • Because a negative result does not rule out current infection, it is essential to continue to follow social distancing guidelines, and for those with ongoing symptoms to follow government guidance on self-isolation.

    The chances of getting a false positive test result is very low.

Bupa Occupational Health Limited provides testing for COVID-19 by working together with Everything Genetic Limited.

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Terms and conditions for Self Pay GP Services and COVID-19 antibody testing (PDF, 175KB)