What’s in the SmartDNA kit and how to use it

Bupa SmartDNA starts with a simple saliva swab that can be taken in the comfort of your own home in a few minutes. The results reveal more about how your body may work and help you decide how to eat, move, and think in a more personalised way.

You’ll understand:

  • more about your potential sensitivity to certain things like alcohol, caffeine and carbohydrates (noting that your genetic makeup is not the only factor that determines how your mind and body may respond to these things)
  • how your genetics might affect the way you respond to exercise, how quickly you may recover and your genetic vulnerability to certain sporting injuries
  • more about how your body might cope with stress. This could include things like whether you may be more productive in the morning or at night and how many hours of sleep you might need

No. This won’t diagnose any health conditions or risks. It’s designed to help you understand more about your body and mind and how they may respond to particular lifestyle factors.

There’s no need to worry. Your results can empower you to make positive lifestyle changes like drinking less alcohol, or varying the type of exercise you do.

We do everything we can to keep your personal information private. That’s why we process your sample securely at our accredited UK laboratory, only analyse the small number of genetic variants we need and safely dispose of your sample afterwards. For more information about how we collect, store and use your information, please read our privacy notice.

For details of how users’ information will be processed by Bupa and DNAFit, including a copy of the Bupa and DNAFit privacy notices, see

Anybody who has a wellbeing goal or wants to understand more about how their body is built.

No. Bupa SmartDNA focuses on your health and wellbeing.

No. Your results are a guide as to how you might want to adapt your workouts in order to reach your goals.

No. Your results can help you to understand a bit more about how your body might respond to certain foods.

It can’t tell you whether you will or won’t get stressed. But knowing more about your genetics can help you decide on techniques to use to cope with stress.

Our test can’t report on food allergies. To find out more about intolerances and allergies, see our guide link [].

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Making a complaint

We recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. Take a look at our complaints procedure for more information on how to make a complaint.
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The information provided by the Bupa SmartDNA service cannot be use as a substitute for specific medical or diagnostic advice, but provides the user with information to better understand wellness traits associated with their genotype.

For Bupa SmartDNA testing is carried out by our partner DNA Fit Life Sciences Limited (“DNA Fit”).

Please note the Bupa health assessment and Bupa SmartDNA service are subject to separate terms and conditions and privacy policies.

The Bupa SmartDNA terms of service are available at For details of how your information will be processed by Bupa and DNAFit, including a copy of the Bupa and DNAFit privacy notices, please see

Bupa SmartDNA is provided by Bupa Occupational Health Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 631336. Registered office: 1 Angel Court, London EC2R 7HJ

Bupa Occupational Health Limited provide the Bupa SmartDNA service by working alongside DNAFit Life Sciences Limited, who carry out the testing (Registered in England, number 08834823). Registered office is at TMS House, Cray Avenue, Orpington, Kent, England, BR5 3QB