Preparing for your visit

Preparing for your visit

Thank you for choosing Bupa for your health assessment.

All our assessments require you to complete a questionnaire before the assessment. Your booking email will contain a link for you to fill in your questionnaire online. It is really important that you complete your online pre-assessment questionnaire ahead of your appointment. If you are unable to use the online pre-assessment questionnaire, you can complete a copy upon your arrival on the day. However please ensure you arrive 10-15 minutes early to accommodate this.

You can call us on 0370 218 8624 ^ if you have any questions.

Your health assessment visit

What you need to do before your appointment

  • Stick to a light meal. There’s no need to fast beforehand – but ideally try not to eat a heavy meal.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water on the day so that you’re well hydrated – but please avoid caffeine three hours before your appointment.
  • Continue medication. Please carry on taking any medication you usually take.
  • Plan for childcare. Make any necessary childcare arrangements as we do not have facilities for children under 18.

What’s next?

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^We may record or monitor our calls