Introducing the next generation of health assessments

Our health and wellbeing plans involve so much more than just a check-up. Our expert team, plus a really useful behaviour change app, can provide the motivation and support you need to make the lifestyle changes you want.

Get a better understanding of your health and your personal risks

Perhaps you already have a worry and you just want to talk it through, without feeling rushed. You might be anxious about any possible hereditary conditions. Or maybe you don’t have any specific concerns but you’d still like to know how you’re doing.

Whatever your reasons, one of our health and wellbeing plans could help you make the right decisions to protect or improve your health.

Take your fitness up a gear

Do you hop on your bike once a week, or run marathons throughout the year? Whatever ‘active’ means to you, you might be looking to get your fitness levels just right – or even to push yourself to the next level.

If so, you’ll want to be sure it’s safe to do so. We can provide expert advice and an advanced fitness test for a snapshot or your current condition.

December 2019 health assessment outcomes relating to our previous product range. Based on 1,160 customers.

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