Inside Health: Cancer

Cancer affects all ages but it is more common as we get older. There are several things you can do to help prevent cancer, especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. So looking after your health can make a difference, whatever age you are.

Everyone should have access to free tips and practical advice about cancer. We get into the detail of it all, with Bupa clinicians and expert guests.

More cancer information and advice

Cancer promise

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most difficult times of your life. We promise that if you are diagnosed with cancer, we’ll look after you, from diagnosis to treatment. That's what our Bupa health insurance with cancer cover included is here for.

Mental health

Gut health


Muscles, bones and joints

Women’s health

Women’s health hub

From menopause to mental health, our hub offers support and advice on a range of topics.

Men’s health

Men’s health

Explore our information about men’s health including prostate problems and prostate cancer.

How to get more help from Bupa

With Bupa full cancer cover, there are no limits on how long your treatment lasts or how much it costs, for as long as you have Bupa health cover. If you or your employer set a maximum benefit limit, either for each renewal year or the full length of time that you’re with us, we’ll cover eligible costs until you reach your limit. You must use a hospital or health centre from the Bupa network and a consultant that we recognise and charges within Bupa rates (a fee-assured consultant). If your cover is provided by your employer, please check your certificate or guide to see which specific list of advanced therapies your employer has selected as it may not cover all advanced therapies.

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